How to verify if a TOEFL certificate is genuine or not?

Are you worried that your TOEFL certificate is not genuine? Not sure how to verify it?

Getting TOEFL without exam is the latest trend you find on blogs all over the internet. But most always end up obtaining a fake TOEFL certificate and still unable to verify the certificate before usage. So we encourage you to be mindful when choosing an agent to register you without exam. IELTS verification guide.

Consequences of using a fake TOEFL Certificate

However, the dangers of using fake documents legally should not be underestimated. It can lead to serious legal consequences and even jail time if caught. Furthermore, it is unethical and could damage one’s reputation in the long run. Therefore, it is important to understand the risks associated with using fake documents before taking any action.

We can help. With our advanced verification process, Just follow the easy instructions, and you’ll be able to verify if your TOEFL certificate is genuine or not. Our verification process is fast, secure, and reliable. All you need is just your login ets credentials for TOEFL IBT.

Step 1

Go to : and choose TOEFL

toefl verification

Step 2

Login to your account

toefl verification

It is important to request for your login credentials after you have obtained your certificate from any agent. Once you successfully login, you will be able to find your scores that matches what is on your score card. Buy IELTS life skills certificate, IELTS certificate maker, IELTS verification guide.
And you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your #TOEFL Certificate is genuine! So take the guesswork out of authenticity verification and start using your certificate with ease. Buy IELTS certificate online.

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